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Blue Hasia

Photography has been my hobby for almost 2 decades now. I started long ago with a canon 35mm rebel and did mostly photos of nature. years down the road i upgraded to a canon 20D and continued my nature photography and did for hire events for family and friends. family portraits even weddings.
Most of those have left me not feeling fulfilled as a photographer. I have had my nature photos hung in many galleries even was featured artist at a gallery for a month. but everything was just people saying its nice, all really empty.
Jump forward another decade i got a canon 70D and slowly got back into photography after nearly a 5 year break, i got a new macro lense to try a new approach and i have loved my macro lense. Over time i got more into the fur fandom. i went to cons to enjoy them and fursuited, recently now i started taking photos of suitors. My love for photography has been reignited!
Suitors just love to get there photo taken and the positive feed back from the furry community is such a wonderful experience, so much positive energy around it :)
So now i am going to dedicate myself to do more photography at cons i go and try to do photo shoot events for Suitors throughout the year.